City of Boscago

We have very bad pizza


Boscago is hiring!

We are looking to hire a new Director of Mac OS 9. Read more

Director of Mac OS 9

In Boscago, we believe in free Unix for everyone, but we also have to sometimes get stuff printed in color without too much pissing about, so we've bought an iMac G4 and a PowerBook G3 Pismo for the mayor to use.

Are you a niner with a passion for municipal government? Do you know how to use Transmit and BBEdit? Do you have a Rhapsody migration plan? Are you salty about OpenDoc still?

Send your resume via social media in ClarisWorks format to our director of technology, Dr. Matt Lee.


Free travel on the Boscago subway system, free payphone calls, all the bad pizza you can eat, a few pints now and then, access to the mayor plus we'll buy you a BBEdit license of your own. Oh and you get a 'chet.