City of Boscago

We have very bad pizza


Population: 3.6 million not including hot dogs or tofu pups

Phase: 0 -- Boscago has always remained emotionally open™

Hand sanitizer available everywhere!

Boscago Mayor

Dr. Max Grinnell

Dr. Max Grinnell, Mayor of Boscago

Catch the mayor this Thursday evening!

Please note in the above video the mayor incorrectly says Chicago several dozen times, due to contractual obligations.

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Or via electronic-mail: [email protected]

Boscago is hiring!

We are looking to hire a new Director of Mac OS 9. Read more

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Getting around Boscago

Simply use any of the subway lines. For service to Boscago East, simply board the Red Line at Alewife. The next stop at 95th and Ryan will take approximately 10 hours. This train runs every 30 minutes.

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Molasses Fire of 1987 (only injury was WCW Wrestler Sting who was attacked by a wasp, and where the phrase ‘wasp sting’ comes from)

Also this happened and we're still looking for the guy

Some local bands

Boscago recommends: The Daily Mirror Book of Big Bang Theory Facts (volumes 1-13) by K Max Grinnell

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